Post surgery

Last Monday, i woke up at 6am and head to the hospital for my gallstone surgery. 

I had trouble sleeping at night cos im not a fan of surgeries, hospitals and needles. They put me in a waiting room like the one below and i waited till 10plus am.

Before they pushed me to the operating theatre waiting area where i waited for another 10-15 mins before i go in to the operating theatre. 

When i was in the operating theatre, this kakak nurse and brother doctor assistant kept on talking to me, joking around when at the same time he had to poke in the drip for me. Thank God, he did it correctly at 1 try! Told him “it must be ur lucky day.” And he replied “i think its ur lucky day, usually first try fail” thanks bro. 

I cud hear the doctors talking bla bla bla and then suddenly i fell into a deep sleep. Woke up at the waiting area and in pain! They quickly gave me painkillers and i felt better after that.

Stayed in the hospital for a night and back home on tuesday evening. 

Its been like 5 days since the surgery and i still cant do much chores. SIGHPIE *staring at the mountains of clothes i need to iron*

Eid Mubarak

I know its pretty late for this but Eid Mubarak everyone. 

This year’s celebration is different i might say. Sad cause my elder sister cudnt join us this year as she was diagnosed with cancer few weeks before raya. We were devastated, everyone including our relatives and friends were. She has started her chemo therapy and insyaallah she will get better! Ameen. 

For me, i’ve been in and out of the emergency ward and hospital for quite some time. I have gallstones in my gallbladder and thats been causing the pains i’ve been having. I’ll be going for surgery this coming August and hopefully the pains will go away for good! 

Soooo, let the pictures do the talking okay? 


And inclusive of this morning, this is like the fourth or fifth time i’ve been admitted for observation and given medication on drip thanks to the abdominal and chest pain.

I cant wait for the appointment this coming wednesday to finally find out whether its reallt gallstones or some other issues. So tiring & i have bruises on my hand thanks to the drips and injections. 

Apart from that, i have only gotten 1 baju raya for this year. Ordered my kuihs and cakes. Settle some styling and furnishing for the house and fixed up the lampu kelap kelip and we are done! 

Need to get my hair trimmed cos i rimas already like that. Buey tahan. Short hair rimas, long hair also rimas. 


*clears some dust*

I realised I havent been blogging for quite a while. 

2016 has been a rollercoaster ride for me personally. It started with a trip to Tokyo in March. 

(Im choosing just 1 that shows all of us) 

We rented an apartment in Takadanobaba (2 stops away from Shinjuku and on the same line as Harajuku,Shibuya etc) love how convenient the apartment was to the train station! I’ve chosen the pic above with another reason to. We had a crazy fun day in Disneyland definitely but the crazy comes after that and also after our dinner at Gyumon. 

Guess what? I lost the apartment key!!! And we cud only get a replacement frm the owner the next evening day. *SLAPS FOREHEAD* it got chaotic cos there wasnt much hotel around  and we only managed to get 1 at midnight. HAISH. Hahah but overall Tokyo was awesome! And we are definitely heading back. 

Followed by our 2nd honeymoon to Krabi in April! 

This trip was just nice for us (even though I wished we cud have stayed longer)

My parents and my sisters were wonderful to have helped us care for Zafran while we were away. Yes, the trip just for us to rekindle back those dating days moments and all. Hahah! We had so much fun in Krabi! From trekking to Island hopping and the awesome ATV ride in the jungle. But what we love the most was all the yummy Halal food that was available! CHEAP SOME MORE OKAY! 

Not forgetting the lovely view from our hotel’s infinity pool. Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort, we are definitely coming back! 

And soooo, I had a lot to think about during the Krabi trip. About the family and about our marriage. I decided to make a decision that I think shocked people in the office.

On the 4th of May 2016, I gave my resignation letter. Yes people, Ain is resigning without a new job.  So where does that take me? Being a SAHM of course! (for now atleast unless i get a job offer which i wud consider somewhere along the way?

And so my last day will be on 6th June 2016. 

Well let’s see how things goes….

hello two-o-one-six

today is the second day of a new year and i’m looking forward to the rest of the year. 

Its already been 3 weeks over at the new place. loving the privacy but hate the cleaning and ironing. HAAHAA! 

During the period, Zafran has even managed to sleep in his own room alone. If he does wake up in the middle of the night, he would just call out for us (i’m a light sleeper so i probably cud hear him) or just walk to our room and daddy would follow him back to his room and make him go back to sleep.

We had our housewarming last month. Our house is pretty small but Alhamdulillah managed to have space for everyone to hang around and talk and eat.

We had the marhaban in the noon and the makan2 towards the late afternoon.

A week after the housewarming, the three of us decided to take a break and head down to KL during the Xmas Weekend! All we did was makan and makan and makan and of cos a lil bit of shopping. Heh


Tomy Roma’s was awesomeeeee! 

Love the dim sums over at Dim Sum Dolly located in Avenue K (opp KLCC) 


Had a good 4 days in KL and definitely returning there for more food trips! 

To end the year, we had friends over and awesome food as well! Celebrating new year with the bestest!

Cant ask for a better way to end the year with awesome company and awesome food! 

Happy New Year everyone! May the new year bring everyone good health and wealth and happiness! 

few more weeks.

About 3 weeks left before we go into the New Year. How was this year for me? 

Pretty challenging. I had my ups and downs but Alhamdulillah, I managed to overcome them. 

With the house reno, child progress and ofcos work that drives me crazy all going on at the same time, i’m not going to lie and say everything was a breeze. I had my days where I would drag myself to work or have my patience tested at work but apart from all that, I do have awesome moments with my family, friends. 

I was always complaining that it was difficult to lose weight after giving birth. I got myself to be abit active at work and managed to shed some weight. From 70kg to 65kg! 5 more kilos to my pre pregnancy weight and I can do this!

This year itself, I managed to bring home 2 medals for our Group and at the same time get some exercise. 

I tried Basketball for the first time this year and I came home with muscle sprains and bruises but it’s all good cause we didnt walk away empty handed.    
I hope to bring home more trophies next year, improve my emotional wellness and stress level at work and shed more weight to keep myself fit and healthy! 

May my family be blessed with greater health, wealth and happiness in the new year to come too. Insyaallah. 🙂

Zafran is twooooo! 

My baby boy turned 2 last Saturday! *omg* dont know where all the time went to and suddenly he’s already 2. No big celebration this time. Just hanging out at Hard Rock Hotel with my side of the family and then dinner with the Hubs side of the family over at Tiffany. 

Two whole years with the screaming, running and “zafran! What are you doing??????” moments but those were the moments to that i’ll forever cherish. 

See this budak gendut. Happily shooting water at other people. I hope you grow up to be a filial and lovable son my love.