hello two-o-one-six

today is the second day of a new year and i’m looking forward to the rest of the year. 

Its already been 3 weeks over at the new place. loving the privacy but hate the cleaning and ironing. HAAHAA! 

During the period, Zafran has even managed to sleep in his own room alone. If he does wake up in the middle of the night, he would just call out for us (i’m a light sleeper so i probably cud hear him) or just walk to our room and daddy would follow him back to his room and make him go back to sleep.

We had our housewarming last month. Our house is pretty small but Alhamdulillah managed to have space for everyone to hang around and talk and eat.

We had the marhaban in the noon and the makan2 towards the late afternoon.

A week after the housewarming, the three of us decided to take a break and head down to KL during the Xmas Weekend! All we did was makan and makan and makan and of cos a lil bit of shopping. Heh


Tomy Roma’s was awesomeeeee! 

Love the dim sums over at Dim Sum Dolly located in Avenue K (opp KLCC) 


Had a good 4 days in KL and definitely returning there for more food trips! 

To end the year, we had friends over and awesome food as well! Celebrating new year with the bestest!

Cant ask for a better way to end the year with awesome company and awesome food! 

Happy New Year everyone! May the new year bring everyone good health and wealth and happiness! 

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