Post surgery

Last Monday, i woke up at 6am and head to the hospital for my gallstone surgery. 

I had trouble sleeping at night cos im not a fan of surgeries, hospitals and needles. They put me in a waiting room like the one below and i waited till 10plus am.

Before they pushed me to the operating theatre waiting area where i waited for another 10-15 mins before i go in to the operating theatre. 

When i was in the operating theatre, this kakak nurse and brother doctor assistant kept on talking to me, joking around when at the same time he had to poke in the drip for me. Thank God, he did it correctly at 1 try! Told him “it must be ur lucky day.” And he replied “i think its ur lucky day, usually first try fail” thanks bro. 

I cud hear the doctors talking bla bla bla and then suddenly i fell into a deep sleep. Woke up at the waiting area and in pain! They quickly gave me painkillers and i felt better after that.

Stayed in the hospital for a night and back home on tuesday evening. 

Its been like 5 days since the surgery and i still cant do much chores. SIGHPIE *staring at the mountains of clothes i need to iron*

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