The very first (just us 3) family holiday to Hong Kong this time. The Phuket trip previously not counted cos my MIL tag along. Lol

I was wondering all the time whether Zafran would behave in the plane during the 3.5hrs flights to Hong Kong. THANKFULLY HE DID! The journey to and fro was alright with this active toddler. 

We arrived in Hong Kong at around 2 plus pm and took the Airport Express to the Hong Kong Island or known as Central Station. We took the Island Line and head down to Causeway Bay and walk all the way to the hotel with our luggages, a sleeping baby in a pram and a huge bagpack. Thankfully, the hotel was only 5mins away from the Causeway Bay MTR. Checked in and let the toddler continue his sleep before we head out for early dinner to Wai Kee. Wai Kee is located about 3 mins away from our hotel and its in one of the hawker centres in Causeway Bay. 

The roast duck was freaking delicious i tell u! That one the 4th night, we decided to just have half a duck for dinner. After dinner, we headed to the Times Square mall to have a look around and found a dessert place nearby. Oh shit i kind of forgot the name but the durian pancake and honey dew sago dessert was yums! 

we did some sight seeing and shopping the next day. We went to the avenue of stars, fa yuen sneakers street and ladies market. The ladies market was a bit disappointing but we were going crazy over at the fa yuen sneakers street! We also had some dim sum for breakfast over at the islamic centre in wan chai



If you are a sneakers type of person, head down to Fa Yuen Sneakers street okay? Its a must! Take the MTR and drop off at Mongkok and hello shopping market paradise! (Affordable ones i would say)  our feets were aching after the second day. I continue part 2 later budak kecik ni dah panggil! 


it’s been ages since we had a proper meet up wih each other. These people here are my childhood buddies. 

We grew up running around the void deck playing Ali Bom, climbing up & down the playground playing Crocodile, hanging out at Mc Cafe which used to be outside Isetan Shaw playing truth or dare, karaoke-ing and even clubbing together. We even love having sleepovers and night picnics together with the aunties & uncles.

Now most of us are moving on to the tunang, kahwin2 and anak2 phase. Even though we all may have our own and bigger responsibilities now, we do sneaked in time for nonsense talk and games during meet ups. Just like the old days they say

im pretty blessed to have cousins like them. may our bond stay as strong as ever till we grow old and having witness our own children have the close relationship like we have. 

Our Junior Schoolhouse

it’s been 2 months since Zafran started attending his Playgroup full day session over at Our Junior Schoolhouse located in ITE West. 

This was during the first day where we could accompany him for his first breakfast in school. The principal encourages us to let him try for only half a day for the first 3 days. Once he has settled down for breakfast we had to leave him in their hands. For sure lah, he cried lah theres no tomorrow. Even when we pick him up, he started whining when he saw us. He refused to eat and they had to coax him with fruits and all. But Alhamdulillah, after 2 weeks, he finally managed to settle down fully. He has been adapting well and learning how to follow instructions properly, learning how to feed himself and learning how to communicate more. He can even hug my dad and say Bye Bye before he enters his classroom now.

I do feel guilty that I have to leave him for long hours in school but he seems to be adapting well and not refusing to go school now. My baby is grown boy now who loves to dance, smile cheekily at us and definitely he will talk more now too. LOL. 

“Mummy red! mummy nak bread! mummy nak susu! Mummy there lorry! Mummy choo choooo (when he sees the MRT or LRT) ” and many many more.

The principal and teachers are supportive and are always providing information on how Zafran is doing in school. Im pretty sure now that Zafran will be in good hands when he is in school and i hope it continues this way. 


Staycation plus semi moving weekend!  
And so the renovation is finally complete! (I still need them to clean the house again though) We decided to move in some things and have a short staycation over the long weekend! I have boxes everywhere now, zafran’s choo choo train ( ni perlu to keep him occupied while we clean the home and all) and our sofa is in! 

Our dining table will come in next month cause the chairs we wanted were out of stock -_- the kitchen is already functioning cause our fridge and washing machine are in already! 

During the move on friday, we brought along our bed from my in laws place and some of the things like our sneakers and all. 

We are still going to DIY some things in the house. Like the racks in the kitchen, the chalkboard wall etc. Will share on those when we start on em.

So far the staycation has been good. Zafran has also managed to adapt to the new environment well. 


This was from the packing done. Omg i didnt realise zafran had alot of clothes *faints* and we had alot of shoes *faints again*

Now, the unpacking……………. 


Dont means dont.

i have never really been fussy about what Zafran eats. I let him try what he wants to eat if i think its okay to. 

BUT when i say do not let my son drink those gassy drinks I REALLY MEAN IT. DON’T! Now what happens when people dont listen? My poor baby is down with a very bad cough, is all phlegmy with the running nose to add on and is down with 1 week MC. 

He had so much difficulty sleeping on monday night and even puked out his milk and all. Started crying in the middle of the night because he thinks we were going to scold him bcos he puke. Hubby brought him to see the Doc on tuesday morning and he managed to sleep well last night after eating the meds but Zafran has been refusing to eat bcos i dont think he has the appetite to. 

Thanks eh. krg senang2 kasi dia minum air tu when i told you not to but now we the parents have the heartache of seeing our baby be sick and not wanting to eat and all.

Thanks eh really thanks.

I really need a holiday break…

Well apart from the house reno and all, oh yes we are left with 1 particular wall which my ID is taking his own “sweet” time to rectify that i feel so bochup liao. MEH.

I have shifted some of zafran’s toys and kitchen stuff recently and will be receiving our sofa on the 24th. 

At the same time, we’re planning for a holiday for just us 3. We are intending to head to Taiwan probably but i still have other places in mind to go to actualllyyy..

Any places recommended to go to in September?

Fresh & Clean


They have cleared the rubbish and clean the house but some things are yet to be done and then we can finally move in bit by bit! 

I love how well the wall colour and flooring goes together.. 

Nowwwww time to decide on the furnitures. HEH 😁✌🏼

whats the progress? 

I think it’s been a month since the reno started. Things have been going pretty slow actually but hopefully it will be done this weekend. 

Here are some of the progress i have taken for the past weeks!

 Carpentry and flooring works done!  
Lighting fixtures going up and house painted! 

Still a few more things to be done like
1) my two toilets to be completed

2) my cement feature wall final layer to be done

3) and some other rectifications

Hopefully they managed to finish it by this weekend. I come to the story and reviews of this ID later on hokay? 

Works in progress.

and so the works have finally started last week. We finally started on the floor screeding arranged by our ID after waiting for 3 weeks from the appeal from HDB which we only got the news after we are done with the works. The next scheduled date was July/August and i dont think we will wait till then. 

See my happy baby boy running arnd? Now i dont have to worry abt him tripping on the rough floor when we come to visit the place. After the floor screeding was out of the way, they started on the tiling works and kitchen base works.

We decided to overlay part of the toilet walls and have a feature wall in the living room. We were surprised that only 1 guy was that to do the works but he did all the wet works in 1 day. 

I took half day yesterday to head over to the new home bcos Ugate was coming to install the window grilles and service yard windows. I would say the installation went smoothly and neatly.

And our kitchen accessories finally came yesterday too! A productive half day i would say. I am excited to see the rest of the progress.

Insyaallah may all goes well for our new home. 


Last meet up with the ID was all about the walls and floors. 

Headed down to Hafary to choose the tiles for the toilets! So manyyyyyyyy tiles to choose from! From peranakan tiles like those below to other pretty colourful tiles and texture. 

We spend about an hour turning arnd the shop and we finally made our decision! 


Once the tiles selection were done, our ID prepared another 3D design together with the wall tiles added in. Love how our master toilet walls turn out! We also confirmed the floor vinyl colour and then we are good to go! 


Our ID just texted us saying that the tiles,sand and cement will arrive next week! We are so looking forward to it.

Till more updates.