few more weeks.

About 3 weeks left before we go into the New Year. How was this year for me? 

Pretty challenging. I had my ups and downs but Alhamdulillah, I managed to overcome them. 

With the house reno, child progress and ofcos work that drives me crazy all going on at the same time, i’m not going to lie and say everything was a breeze. I had my days where I would drag myself to work or have my patience tested at work but apart from all that, I do have awesome moments with my family, friends. 

I was always complaining that it was difficult to lose weight after giving birth. I got myself to be abit active at work and managed to shed some weight. From 70kg to 65kg! 5 more kilos to my pre pregnancy weight and I can do this!

This year itself, I managed to bring home 2 medals for our Group and at the same time get some exercise. 

I tried Basketball for the first time this year and I came home with muscle sprains and bruises but it’s all good cause we didnt walk away empty handed.    
I hope to bring home more trophies next year, improve my emotional wellness and stress level at work and shed more weight to keep myself fit and healthy! 

May my family be blessed with greater health, wealth and happiness in the new year to come too. Insyaallah. 🙂

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