*clears some dust*

I realised I havent been blogging for quite a while. 

2016 has been a rollercoaster ride for me personally. It started with a trip to Tokyo in March. 

(Im choosing just 1 that shows all of us) 

We rented an apartment in Takadanobaba (2 stops away from Shinjuku and on the same line as Harajuku,Shibuya etc) love how convenient the apartment was to the train station! I’ve chosen the pic above with another reason to. We had a crazy fun day in Disneyland definitely but the crazy comes after that and also after our dinner at Gyumon. 

Guess what? I lost the apartment key!!! And we cud only get a replacement frm the owner the next evening day. *SLAPS FOREHEAD* it got chaotic cos there wasnt much hotel around  and we only managed to get 1 at midnight. HAISH. Hahah but overall Tokyo was awesome! And we are definitely heading back. 

Followed by our 2nd honeymoon to Krabi in April! 

This trip was just nice for us (even though I wished we cud have stayed longer)

My parents and my sisters were wonderful to have helped us care for Zafran while we were away. Yes, the trip just for us to rekindle back those dating days moments and all. Hahah! We had so much fun in Krabi! From trekking to Island hopping and the awesome ATV ride in the jungle. But what we love the most was all the yummy Halal food that was available! CHEAP SOME MORE OKAY! 

Not forgetting the lovely view from our hotel’s infinity pool. Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort, we are definitely coming back! 

And soooo, I had a lot to think about during the Krabi trip. About the family and about our marriage. I decided to make a decision that I think shocked people in the office.

On the 4th of May 2016, I gave my resignation letter. Yes people, Ain is resigning without a new job.  So where does that take me? Being a SAHM of course! (for now atleast unless i get a job offer which i wud consider somewhere along the way?

And so my last day will be on 6th June 2016. 

Well let’s see how things goes….

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