(continued) HK

Apart from the shopping, we headed to The Peak & Madame Tussauds museum for some sight seeing. We wanted to watch the horse race live at Happy Valley but time wasnt on our side.

This was the tram that we had to take to go to The Peak. The tram ride was ermmm steep? And seram sikit pasal tram to macam nak roboh pun ada bcos of the sounds and all. It took about ermm 10-15 mins to reach there. 

 Budak ni senyum bukan main lebar lagi ambik gambar dgn Hitler. Dgn yg lain2 muka dia masam je -_-
And yes the view at The Peak. They gave us a complimentory electronic guide which we could listen to in English of course. Although I have to admit, it was pretty crowded at that time. So ada jugak yang menduga kesabaran but it was still fine though 😀 

Here comes the best part, DISNEYLAND! 

 Im so glad that Zafran actually enjoyed Disneyland! He managed to take around 5 rides and have photos taken with some characters and also giving hi fives to whichever character he could get close to. I was kind of worried he might be afraid of the characters in real life but thankfully he wasnt! 

We spend the rest of the trip eating (forever this one) and walking around aimlessly around Causeway Bay, Habour Bay and the CBD area in Hong Kong cause Taufik wanted to drop by his Hong Kong office to say hi to the colleagues there. 

We pretty much enjoyed this trip. just the 3 of us bonding overseas. Definitely looking forward for the next one! 

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